Monday, March 31, 2014

Top Tutorials Round-up

So I have been meaning to for this post for a while so that if you haven't been following me from the beginning you can see some of the older popular tutorials that I have posted in the past. So here is a round-up of some of my most popular tutorials.  Hope you enjoy!

 I know that the most popular tutorials have been my topsy-turvy cake construction tutorials. I still receive a lot of questions regarding this method of construction so I have thought about doing a video tutorial for this method. if you would like to see a video tutorial on these methods please let me know.

I hope that you enjoyed this round-up of some of the most popular tutorial posts. If you would like to see more round-ups of tutorials and other past posts please let me know.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cole's Planes Birthday

So it has been forever since my last blog post. I have been super busy with engagement season but I wanted to share this super sweet Planes themed party with you. 

Every year my friend Amber goes all out for her kids birthdays and this year was no exception. Cole wanted a Dusty cake from the movie Planes. Of course we couldn't just make a plane laying flat on the board we had to make it up on two wheels. I have to give all the credit to my awesome cake husband who constructed the structure for the plane. I don't know what I would do without him! I love the way the cake turned out and I think Ambers party set-up was amazing as always. So check out this awesome Dusty themed party!

Amber made these cute cupcakes with matching toppers to go along with the cake. 
This is unreal! Look at this awesome photo booth Amber set-up!

I love details!

Happy 4th Birthday Cole! I am sure it was an awesome one for you! I can't wait to make many many more cakes for you! Thanks to Amber for all the great photos from the party!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 13 in 2013!

Typically at the end of each year I like to reflect on my favorite cakes from the previous year and share them with you. This year I am going to mix it up a bit and share the most popular post from this year!
I had a lot of fun putting together these parties and tutorials to share with all of you. So I hope you have enjoyed them and they have given you some ideas for your own cakes and parties. Thanks for allowing me to share my crazy cake life with all of you and I hope that 2014 brings many many more cakes and parties to share.
Here are the 13 most popular posts from 2013!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brielle's Pretty and Pink First Birthday

I am so excited to share this pretty pink first birthday dessert table we did for Brielle's first birthday. I usually get to do a lot of boy birthdays so it was fun to make everything pink and girly for a change. The theme was cupcakes and the colors were pink and purple so we made everything super pink and girly. For the dessert table I made chocolate cupcakes, strawberry push pop shooters complete with tutus, strawberry milks with cookies, and rice cereal treats in the shape of cupcakes. We also made the backdrop for the desserts table and all the little tutus for the push pops. I love the way the display turned out and hope I get to make more girl themed dessert tables in the future.

Close-up of the little tutus we made for the push pops!

Baby girl getting a sneak peak at the table.

She was intrigued by the cake but was unsure what to do with it.
She ended up just picking off and eating the sprinkles instead of smashing it.

Happy 1st Birthday Brielle! i hope we get to be a part of many many more!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Safari themed Shower for Little Baby VanGosen

Ok so it has been a really long time since I have lasted blog but I wanted to share this cute safari themed baby shower dessert table that I did for my good friends Marty and Janice. I also made there gender reveal cake a little while ago so if you missed that be sure to check it out.  
The theme for the baby shower was safari and the colors were green, yellow, and brown. I based the cake of the cute invites that were sent out and then tried to keep all the desserts in the same theme. For the dessert table I made chocolate covered Oreos, animal print cake pops, apple pie pops, and zebra cakes. (Ok so I didn't make the zebra cakes but I enhanced them and they fit the theme so a win in my book).

I love the way the animal print cake pops turned out!

Full disclosure I put Janice to work wrapping her own baby letters in yarn, but hey that's what friends are for right? I was really cursing the B's the night before the party but I completed them and think all the letters turned out great. I hope they keep those letters forever because they were a labor of love.

I think this little zebra is my favorite!
Here is the sweet invite the cake was based on.

Momma and Daddy to be!
So of course my gift had to incorporate cupcakes. Hopefully this little girl will like to bake and I can put her to work for me.

Congrats Marty and Janice! I can't wait to meet you little one!